254 Square Feet Kolam in Amari Johor Bahru and the Needy not Forgotten too

The beautiful Kolam inside Amari Johor Bahru hotel lobby

Jeyasimman Narasimman, Malaysia Book of Records Holder, took 23 hours, non-stop, to do the 254 square feet Kolam in the lobby of Amari Johor Bahru, and 10 families received groceries in conjunction with the up-coming Deepavali celebration

Jeya in deep concentration making the Kolam

You know that the Festival of Lights (Deepavali) is around the corner when malls, hotels and bazaars are decked in lights, having peacock inspired decors’ or kolam using coloured rice adorning the entrance of a premise or hotel lobbies! In that spirit of festivity, it took Jeyasimman Narasimman, a Malaysia Book of Records Holder over 23 hours and more than 70 kg of coloured rice to make the Kolam in the lobby of Amari Johor Bahru hotel.

The circular design of the Kolam represents nature and the parrots symbolises love and the unity between man and animals. In Hindu mythology, God Kama, rides on a parrot and in South Indian temples, goddesses hold parrots in their hands as a symbol of a messenger.

The Kolam brings prosperity to homes. It is a sign to welcome all good things into the home, especially Lakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity and wealth.

The CSR Committee posing at the Kolam

The colours of the rice of the Kolam also depict the colours and rhythms of the Amari brand. The hotel intends to keep the Kolam until the end of November as many guests and the public have heard so much about the Kolam and have taken lots of photos and video.

This is the second year Jeya has done the Kolam in the hotel. When the hotel opened last year, Jeya did an intricately beautiful design of elephants.

Jeya and his family started on the design at around 7pm last Tuesday and finished around 6pm the next day without any sleep.

In 2008, Jeya became Malaysia Book of Records holder for doing a 14,000 square feet Kolam in Johor!

Cake cutting with the children from the families in Kangkar Pulai

In addition to the Kolam being beautifully done by Jeya, Amari Johor Bahru together with the Children’s Education and Welfare Aid Organisation presented groceries, cookies, cakes, clothes and other items to 10 poor families in an old Tamil School in Kangkar Pulai, Johor.

“The contribution of groceries and household items came from the hotel staff. This is the second year that we are doing a corporate social responsibility event for Deepavali. Due to the kind efforts of the members of the Children’s Education and Welfare Aid Organisation together with our hotel staff, 10 less fortunate families are able to celebrate Deepavali”, said M.S. Bobby, Director of Public Relations and Marketing Communications for Amari Johor Bahru.