25/8: 30th Year for Drums Festival

Over 300 drummers are expected to perform this year

International troupes set to perform in Johor

Founded in Johor Bahru by cultural activists, Tan Chai Puan and Tan Hooi Song, this year’s Drums Festival will mark the 30th year of its existence with troupes from China and Singapore joining the celebrations to show off their best.

Over 300 drummers are expected to storm the stage of Pasir Gudang Indoor Stadium where the festival will be held this year. Malaysia famous troupes such as the hands percussions will also be performing.

5th International 24Festive Drums Festival is held in conjunction with the 30th year celebration of the inaugural 24Festive Drums Festival.

“In conjunction with the 30th year celebrations, we have split the festival to 2 mega showcases on the 24th and 25th of August. The festival is usually a one night affair in the previous years,” said Tan Chai Puan or better known as CP Tan.

“I wish to see JB as the home city for all the drummers in the world. The dream can be made possible with the progress of the Drums Festival,” he added.

Education Minister Dr. Maszlee Malik will be officiating the 30th Anniversary Festival.