Weekend in Singapore – Festival Survival


For Johorians looking forward to some fun, opting for a weekend in Singapore never seems to be a bad idea. However, with the current exchange rate for Singapore Dollars and Malaysian Ringgit in addition to how expensive certain festivals can be, it can be mind racking to stick to a financial plan especially with all the additional spending leading up to the event from outfit shopping to food hoarding.

If you’re in a similar boat, then here’s a look at some savvy tips to surviving concerts or festivals in Singapore:

Early bird gets the tickets
The saying that the early bird always gets the worm holds true even in these conditions. If you and your friends have planned to check out a couple of music festivals, book your ticket purchases in advance to save more money, instead of buying last minute tickets at the door. Imagine how many meals and MRT rides you can get out of that!

Festival OOTD for cheap
Shopping for new outfits can seem costly but opting to check out flea markets, discount thrift stores and more options listed in Cuponation Singapore’s guide can put your mind at ease.

Go big on groceries
Picnic festivals are incomplete without an actual picnic. Instead of buying meals from restaurants and paying additional taxes just to be packed for the picnic, why not consider preparing your own meals. Buying groceries in bulk at local stores or grocers can cut your cost more and may be healthier too.

Picnic Meal Prepping
Maximise your savings by preparing easy to make picnic recipes like the ones listed in Buzzfeed which will definitely make for a fun filled and delicious picnic session with friends.

BYO- Bottle
Dehydration is a common problem when you’re out and about. Instead of spending money on mineral water, pack a water bottle which you can easily refill at water stops and still stay hydrated throughout the whole festival.
With all these savvy tips, your weekend in Singapore is sorted and you can look forward to more such outings or getaways if you plan well ahead and save more from www.cuponation.com