Shining Light On Unsung Heroes of Welfare Homes

Commemorative picture from Care Luxury Hotels & Resorts’ Project Local Love event, “Have Yourself a Merry Lil Christmas” to celebrate caretakers around the Johor Bahru community

Care Luxury Hotels & Resorts celebrates the festivities with the community

As part of their Project Local Love, Care Luxury Hotels & Resorts (CLHR) lights up Christmas celebration this year by rewarding  unsung heroes in the local community for their efforts in assisting the underprivileged and needy around Johor Bahru.

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In conjunction with this effort to build a sustainable future, a celebratory event entitled “Have Yourself a Merry Lil Christmas” was held at Nautilus hall, TROVE Hotel Johor Bahru on 10th December 2019 around 2pm. 24 guests of honour, caretakers, caregivers and volunteers from five different homes that have been caring for children, orphans and the disabled attended to have a day of merriment, as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work. The homes that were involved included Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas Nur Ehsan, Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Johor Bahru, Persatuan Kebajikan I-Kasih Johor Bahru, Persatuan Orang Tua Ceria dan Persatuan Kebajikan Berkat Johor Bahru.

Representative of the five homes with their mock cheque of RM1,000 each

Each of the caretakers were given personalised ‘Thank you’ remarks by CLHR’s staff and they were then presented with early Christmas gifts sponsored by Desaru Fruit Farm, Keng Ming Gas & Piping, Seven Seas Amenities, De-luxe Food Services, ACMV Synergy Sdn Bhd, Seiclene, Jo Hotel, UU-Poh Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd, AAT, Izola Furniture, milkCOCOA, Dr. WHO, PROfresh, DPS and Suzuki Gourmet Coffee.

Representative of the caretaker from Persatuan Kebajikan Orang Tua Ceria receiving their gift

Director Representative, Chief Operating Officer of CLHR, Jeslin Chong, and Assistant Director of Marcom CLHR, Keyin Tay, as well as donating companies’ representative, handed a mock cheque of RM5,000 cash to all five homes as an additional surprise in the spirit of the festivity.

“We believe in the social importance of empowering local communities and to support social causes which have a positive impact on our environment and society,” said Jeslin Chong, adding that this sort of event might be organised for another festive season.