Tiny Island of Treasures: Pulau Merambong


A tiny gem in between Malaysia and Singapore, Pulau Merambong lies in the Tebrau Straits, close to Mukim Tanjung Kupang. It is a small island with a startling array of biodiversity, from lowland forest to mangroves, rocky shores and soft coral patches on its fringes.

The island is home to myriad animals, from egrets to herons, monitor lizards to centipedes, as well as turtles, squid and octopuses. The island does not have freshwater but it is a popular picnic spot and many locals head there for an afternoon swim or to scout for mussels, clams and cockles on its shores. Local fishermen set up their nets in the surrounding shallows while others fish with rod and line nearby. Several have seen dugongs in the area during dawn or dusk when the tide changes.

Not only is the island a natural treasure chest, it also has a magical history. Tucked within its forest is a royal shrine, which some people visit for blessings and good fortune. Local folklore has it that there is a big reptile on the island that guards a diamond under its unique rock formations. Older residents of Mukim Tg Kupang have many tales of magic and mystery from the island and most people are careful not to take home anything other than food when they leave.

Kelab Alami Mukim Tg Kupang conducts guided habitat tours at Pulau Merambong during the low tide. For more information, please email Kelab Alami at kelabalami.walks@gmail.com.