TinDAK! Butterfly Virtual Run Campaign by JEWEL

Some participants have taken the initiative to organise the virtual run in the form of group runs in neighbourhood areas like Horizon Hills, Iskandar Puteri
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Virtual-Running to create awareness on JEWEL’s child sexual abuse campaign – TinDAK! (Tindak-Demi-Anak-Kita!)

To mark World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, JEWEL (The Johor Women’s League) had organised a virtual run to create public awareness on JEWEL’s child sexual abuse campaign called TinDAK! (Tindak Demi Anak Kita). The TinDAK! Butterfly Run is supported by Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Negeri Johor.

Since it’s a virtual run, supporters of the cause ran the designated 3km anywhere, anytime during the two days of the campaign held from the 22nd to 24th November 2019.

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The main message of the campaign is for the community to have renewal of commitment to prioritise prevention of child abuse, hear the voice of the child, hold abusers accountable, improve access to justice for victims, share collective responsibility for tackling child abuse and neglect, zero tolerance of abuse and violence against children and work for the dignity, best interests and rights of the child.

Some messages hand-drawn by children who participated in the run

It’s heartening that several supporters took the initiative to organise mini running or walking groups of 3km and beyond in multiple places like Horizon Hills, Hutan Bandar Mutiara Rini, Taman Merdeka, Marlborough College Malaysia, East Ledang, and even as far as Phuket, Thailand! It was inspiring to know that many of the virtual run participants have never joined a run before and that too with a meaningful cause to spread awareness.

Some running and walking participants having their warm-up sessions before an organised group-run

TinDAK! Virtual run organisers Alexys Wills and Julia Ong expressed that, “The TinDAK! Butterfly Run is not a race. It’s an awareness run – you are consciously undertaking this run with a cause in mind. The cause here is to give voice to children who may be suffering in silence. What could be more important than that? We must unite to take a stand against child abuse!”

Founder of JEWEL, Thanam Visvanathan-Suresh thanked the community for the excellent response of 500 sign-ups and she hopes to make the virtual run a yearly event.