The Man behind the Defender of the “LEGO” Universe!

Lendi with the unassembled individual Voltron units

Leandro Tayag or better known as Lendi is the first South East Asian LEGO Ideas fan designer who ‘transformed’ his dreams into reality

LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort held a special meet & greet, as well as two autograph sessions with Leandro Tayag or better known as Lendi; the first South East Asian LEGO Ideas fan designer who ‘transformed’ his dreams into reality. Lendi got this opportunity when he submitted a design for his participation in the LEGO IDEAS set creator exercise.

For the generation that grew up in the 80’s with Transformers, Voltron, and Gobots all running a close tie behind what they have to admit to be the best overall toy, which is LEGOs. LEGOs are simple bricks to most people but for the true fans, the possibilities are endless!

Hailing from the Philippines, Lendi grew up in the 80s watching all these classic cartoons on the television. One day, he stumbled upon a character that may have changed his life – Voltron.

Voltron is a character, or somewhat of a conglomerate of characters who join and come together as one Defender of the Universe.

As time goes by, Lendi went on to meet newer characters and managed to move to Malaysia as early as one year after graduating college.

After all these years and fiddling with his new interest, the brightly coloured LEGO bricks, he had a “eureka!” moment when the thought of making a LEGO brick Voltron robot warrior crossed his mind.

Voltron began to take shape in very primitive looking, yet sophisticated in nature. Finally after almost a 2 year wait for the process where an idea becomes a reality; the LEGO Mech Ultron the Defender of the Universe came into being.

Lendi was still in a state of bliss when we interviewed him. “I couldn’t believe it to be honest. It was approved last year and when the online polling for best design idea on social media reached 10k votes, I was already happy,” said Lendi blissfully.

It’s time to defend the universe so get ready to form LEGO Ideas 21311 Voltron, the biggest buildable LEGO mech ever.