Tackling Obesity One Meal at a Time

Nathan Deverre, Marketing Manager at Ayam Brand outlining the 3S campaign

Ayam Brand initiates effort to educate youngsters on healthy eating

The battle of the bulge starts young in Ayam Brand’s community care campaign for 2019 – Get Healthy Malaysia, Start Now. The campaign introduces a simple to memorise yet effective way of portioning food to be balanced and stay nutritious. The slogan ‘Suku-Suku Separuh’ (3S plate) indicates a meal should have one quarter of protein, one quarter of carbohydrates and half of fruit and vegetables to make up a balanced diet.

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Obesity in Malaysia, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Tackling Obesity in ASEAN Report is the highest in South East Asia at 13.3% of the adult population. With children aged between 6 months and 12 years old taking the top three spot with 11.5% being obese, it’s an alarming figure to say the least.

Dish assembled by the children from Pusat Jagaan Care Haven

The 8th of October marked Ayam Brand’s Johor leg of the nationwide campaign. Held at JWC’s the Factory, 32 children from 8 schools, 4 of which are charity homes joined in on the activities to learn more about the 3S plate. The children were required to pick out ingredients from the shelf and assemble a meal based on recipes vetted by a nutritionist before being tasted by judges. The attendees were also tested on their knowledge learned that day via a maze and mathematical challenges to ensure the children were engaged and will remember what they have learned.

When approached about why this campaign was started, Nathan Deverre, the Marketing Manager for Ayam Brand said that their company, “Is extremely concerned regarding the obesity epidemic in the country and set out to assist, starting with children as they are the ones who are most teachable and reachable and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to choose and prepare more nutritious meals and spreading the word to their friends and family”.

Attendees enthusiastically showing their awards and prizes

The 4 charity homes were also given 2 months’ supply of Ayam Brand products equivalent to about 18,000 healthy meals for a total of 100 residents at the homes. This is in line with Ayam Brand’s history of supporting NGOs and giving back to the community whereby in the past 12 years, they have donated 1.76 million healthy meals to more than 20,000 people from 482 charity homes. They have also expanded their charity efforts online by offering products at 15% off retail price to be delivered and contributed to a charity of your choice. Interested parties can find out more about their e-charity at https://www.ayambrand.com.my/e-charity.html.

The outreach programme ended with the distribution of certificates and prizes to the children who participated in the 3S Plate campaign and saw students bringing home goodie bags filled with various Ayam Brand products.