Splash Festival at Desaru Waterpark for a Week

Splash Festival officially launched by DCAWP General Manager Yusmady Md Yatin, Themed Attractions Resorts & Hotels CEO Philip Whittaker and Desaru Coast CEO Roslina Arbak
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Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark (DCAWP) launched its inaugural Splash Festival from 13th till 21st April 2019

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark’s inaugural Splash Festival will take visitors on a whole new level of water adventure with exciting activities such as rhythmic Aqua Zumba, Water Balloon Battle, Water Pillow Fight and many more.

“DCAWP has received a positive response since we first opened in November last year and we want to continue the momentum by ensuring the best experience for our visitors,” said Philip Whittaker, Chief Executive Officer of Themed Attractions Resorts & Hotels.

Fun for the whole family

In the next nine days, there will be a host of fun activities in and out of the water for kids and adults.

“In Thailand, the Songkran festival is for 3 days but over here, we are giving visitors a longer time to get into the fun,” added Philip.

The Songkran style festival is the first of its kind in Desaru

Desaru Coast destination promotes sports, leisure and entertainment. We’ll be having our Gourmet Series again this year which was started last year and we will also be hosting another Kiteboarding event this year after the success of last year’s Desaru Coast Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) event. We are looking at bringing a lot more events and activities to Desaru Coast for guests and visitors alike,” said Roslina Arbak, CEO of Desaru Coast.

Key feature: Lockers can be paid by using various methods

On site, there are convenient stores, specific prayer areas, F&B outlets, locker and changing rooms as well as private cabanas available for your convenience. Tickets to the Waterpark are currently being sold at a promotional price – RM78.00 for kids and RM105.00 for adults in conjunction with the Splash Festival.