Send a Rose, Gain a Heart, to See Your Favourite Influencers Make it to PUBGM’s Ultimate Team

Top-voted influencers will be selected into the Ultimate Team to compete in the Global Extreme Challenge Match

Reading Time: 2 minutes

PUBG MOBILE’s (PUBGM) latest event, the Global Extreme Challenge, is underway.

For this challenge, PUBGM has engaged with popular gaming influencers from across various regions, and players can vote using flowers in the game, to give the influencers of their choice a chance to compete as part of the Ultimate Team in the Global Extreme Challenge Match.

The selection period was from 23rd June until 6th July 2020 and the top 50% of influencers that received the most votes will be selected into the Ultimate Team.

From Malaysia, PUBGM has chosen MasterRamen who is widely known as the “Father of Malaysian eSports”.

Here are five simple steps how PUBGM players can vote for their favourite influencers:

Step #1:

Log into the game and take a look at the event centre

Step #2:

Select the “present” icon at the bottom right of the page, then select “Recommended Events”. There you will find an Ultimate Team Selection option on the right action bar. Select the option.

Step #3:

Enter the flower shop page.

Step #4:

Complete the daily missions or purchase roses from the shop.

Step #5″

Give a rose to your favourite influencer to increase their popularity. Each rose increases their popularity by 20 points. Players also gain one heart for every rose they give and can collect corresponding rewards when they have enough hearts.

At the end of the event, the top 10 players in the Global Heart Rankings will get exclusive pack rewards from PUBGM.