More Than a Hat-Trick for Adli “Goldenboy” Hafidz

Eyes locked on the opponent, the experienced Wongda Yuttana from Thailand

Johor’s pride crowned victory at KBX Boxing Evolution Johor

His experienced challenger teased him by doing a little dance, yelling “More power. Come on!” while swiftly dodging all punches thrown. Intense atmosphere surrounded the Johorean crowd watching the match against the Thai opponent. With his state and country in mind, Adli Goldenboy Hafidz rose and emerged champion in the match, awarding him his record of 4-0-0 (4 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses).

Organised by KBX Events at Daiman Sports Complex, the KBX Boxing Evolution Johor boxing tournament hosted 20 amateur boxers from Singapore and Malaysia. For the main event, professional category, Johorean Adli Hafidz, alias Adli Goldenboy, took on Wongda Yuttana of Thailand. Great sportsmanship was displayed at the end of the match where they hugged and congratulated each other.

Adli listening thoughtfully to his coach Willip Ho and others from Team Goldenboy

A civil servant by profession, Adli trained for two months in preparation for the match. He had only begun boxing professionally this year, prior to this as an amateur. Having a career to being a professional athlete and also playing a new role as a father, he had to set his own schedule for his own successes citing discipline, commitment, passion, and determination as his fuel that drives him to his dreams. Adli, who took up boxing at 15, trained four hours a day and made sure to spend his night time with the family.

Fans thronged Adli for a picture after the match which he graciously obliged with a smile and his signature pose, winning the hearts of his fans. He did not even have the time to wipe off the drops of perspiration from the match, acknowledging the fans’ valuable presence and support.
“Boxing is not about winning or losing,” Adli said when asked about his winning streaks. “It is about your heart, bravery, and skill.” In the ring, he listened to orders from his coach, Willip Ho of Fight Pro-Motion, who seemed to be shouting orders from the ground to him in a foreign language. It turned out to be instructional code words understood only between them!
Though determined to win, Adli confessed he was not fully confident for the match, having to be more cautious and covering his face because he had a scar on his right eyebrow not fully recovered from a previous match. He also had a blue-black injury on his right eyelid, and said he would be taking a two-month rest.

“But I have a fight in Singapore in January so I cannot rest too much,” he added, also wanting to clinch his title in the World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia Silver Champion in the first quarter of 2019.

We wish him all the best, quoting his challenger, “More Power. Come on!” – by Salamahafifi