Iskandar Investments Esports Carnival Weekend


If you’re an Esports enthusiast and had some free time, then you would’ve been at Educity Indoor Arena for the Iskandar Investment Esports Carnival on the 30th – 31st of March 2019.

The event organised by The Academy Of Esports, was graced by over 2000 people which included over 700 participants that took part in the 2-day event that spanned 4 games, DOTA 2, CS:GO, PUBG Mobile and Fifa 2019 for a chance at the RM150,000 prize pool.

CS:GO team FrostFire celebrating a victory
The crowd watching everything unfold

At the end of the 2 days’ worth of gruelling matches, lost voices, tired eyes and aching shoulders only a few were crowned victorious. DOTA 2 Champions were Flower Gaming, a local Johorean team that managed to beat the rest of the competition to snag that top spot. CS:GO Champions were the Thai representatives Team Beyond Esports, and FIFA 2019 saw Indonesian Pugu Mujahid Mantang also known as ‘Raja Pugu’ take the champion seat and PUBG mobile was won by Team Bullet Speed.

Players focusing hard on the match
Spectators watching intently hoping for their team to win

It was not only Esports that made the carnival, but also other outdoor activities, such as performances by DJ Kino Takamura and Divine Motion an LED dance crew, Virtual reality sports technology, merchandise by Gamers Hideout, a real life stream by noted streamer Aisaka Miharu, a live show by The FLY FM crew as well as food galore courtesy of food trucks. There were also board games and card games hosted by Alexandria bookstore.

As Esports start to make its mark, you can be sure that there will be more events coming up in the future especially the SEA games state selections for Esports category this month.

eSports is the future

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