Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru & Paragon Globe Berhad Spearheads Blood Donation Initiative for the Seventh Year


Blood donation drive is by far the most direct way to help save lives

Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru and Paragon Globe Berhad (PGB) had organised a Blood Donation Campaign in collaboration with Hospital Sultanah Aminah Johor Bahru to promote health literacy among the employees and community.

The hotel and PGB regularly holds Corporate Social Responsibility events to spread awareness and encourage more people to care for the society. This blood donation campaign was organised for the seventh (7) consecutive time since 2013 and the employees of the Hotel are determined to organise this event annually.

All associates fully supported the cause by participating and donating blood on 14th October 2019 at Grand Paragon Hotel Johor Bahru’s lobby. Employees from rank and file to Department Heads volunteered to donate blood in order to save and change lives of people who benefited from this campaign. This campaign was not only limited to the Hotel employees but open to the members of the public too.

This campaign had successfully promoted a healthy drive among all associates and was fully supported by the Hotel General Manager, Yeo Siu Ling. “Blood donation is a meaningful activity and is the easiest as well as most direct way to help save lives. As a community focused organisation, we always look for ways to contribute to the community, and there’s no better way than being able to make a difference to do something as vital as giving blood to help those in needs and save someone’s life,” said Yeo.