Freedom Film Fest Returns to Johor

The 16th Freedom Film Festival returns for another weekend of critical social commentaries films of Malaysia by Malaysians

This year’s festival theme, ‘Mend The Gap’ draws inspiration from the United States 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, that stresses the importance that ‘no one should be left behind’. For more than a decade, Freedom Film Fest (FFF) together with NGO ENGAGE, has showcased several compelling and heartwarming stories that have not only captivated audiences, but also address the social issues that are often left unsaid.

“In light off the recent changes in our political landscape and in the spirit of Malaysia Baru, FFF aims to harness the power of film and great storytelling to create more awareness and empathy as a way to facilitate a deeper exchange between groups in order to close these gaps and inspire real change,” said Ashleigh Lim, FFF organising committee member.

This year’s FFF film grant recipients, tackled three social issues in Malaysia that we should pay more attention too. ‘Aku Mau Skola’ (I Want to Go to School) by Putri Purnama Sugua, addresses the education of stateless children in Sabah and ‘The Story of Kam Agong’ by Lawrence Jayarai and his team tackles the need for adequate maternity healthcare deep in the rural villages of Sarawak. ‘In the Dark’ by Low Watan and Low Choon Chyuan voices out the rights of the differently-abled in the country to be noticed and heard.

The FFF Muar screening will be held on 17th November at Art Space and will showcase two international documentary films and six Malaysian short documentaries. The selected films vary in topics from teenage pregnancy, education rights to healthcare and law reforms.

The Johor Bahru Screening will be on the 18th November at BlackRoom Seri Alam, where two additional films by Johorean producers will be screened as well. Each film screening will be followed by a QnA session with the filmmaker or a main protagonist from the documentary to contextualize and address the issues as well as to engage with the audiences.