Flop Poppy to Hold a One Night Only Concert in Johor

Band members (From Left: Mijie, Megat, Bakri, Andy, Wandy)
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The group announced during an intimate jam session that they plan to get the group back together for a Malaysian tour this year

For those of you that grew up in the early 2000’s, you’re sure to have heard of Flop Poppy, and even if you didn’t, you’ve definitely heard their music on the radio or blasted on MP3 players by your friends. The group became famous in early 2000 with hits such as “Cinta” and “Aku dan Kamu” (both released in 2002).

The group has been playing together since 1989 and this year they will be celebrating their 30th anniversary. After a long hiatus they decided to start playing together again since the unfortunate death of their drummer Azman Ismail. During an intimate jam session at Straits Villa in Johor Bahru, the group serenaded the audience with some of their old classics in preparation for their concert in Johor Bahru this year, which will be a one night only affair.

“We had wanted to hold the concert in December last year, but it clashed with too many of our band members’ commitments. We also decided on JB as our first stop to try something different, since most bands start from north to south, we wanted to start from the south and then head up north,” said Andy the vocalist of the group.

“We want to make this as a family concert, as we all have families of our own now. We want the parents that used to listen to us when they were younger to be able to bring their children to the concert and not be worried of them being left at home,” he added.

During the jam session at Straits Villa, you can feel the love and excitement for the group as almost everyone was singing along with their music. You can be sure that their concert in 2019 will bring back old memories and friends ready to reminisce.

The exact date and location of their concert has yet to be announced.