Exploring the Millennial Dilemma

Group photo with the youth of MMU
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Institut Integriti Kepimpinan dan Latihan Semangat Dato’ Onn or better known as IKLAS is a government linked agency that is actively directing efforts in getting to know the future leaders of the country who are the millennial generation.

Recently, IKLAS organised a talk in collaboration with the Multimedia University in EduCity and Paperwalls, an event space provider located in SouthKey, Johor Bahru to explore the ‘millennial dilemma’ that is being faced by the majority of youths nowadays.

The purpose of the talk was to encourage youths to open up and not be afraid or anxious about the trials and tribulations of the real world. Youths are sometimes worried and cloud their thoughts with what they are going to do after graduating and if they are to obtain jobs that are related or relevant to their education background or are good enough to even pass a face-to-face interview session.

Dr. Daniel sharing his thoughts on the millennial dilemma

Two local individuals were invited to share their thoughts and experiences they had to endure and overcome in real life after graduating from high school.

Delaney Rodrigues is born and bred Johorean who left Johor Bahru at the age of 18 to Hong Kong to join Cathay Pacific airlines as a flight attendant. For almost 8 years, all she could think is home and what can she do to contribute back to her community.

“After coming home, I bummed around for a bit until I found JOBA (Johor Birds and Animals Lovers Association). From there I started warming up and made new friends out of the old and expanded my network. I then started an event space business with my business partner who is also my cousin, Jason,” shared Delaney.

The second speaker was Dr. Daniel Wilfred who is a qualified vet who got his degree overseas but returned home to Malaysia to try and make a difference back home.

“I never thought of making a huge change but as us millennials are wired differently, some might say, I still wanted to make a difference no matter how small. I worked with the government, zoos, and many more animal activists such as Delaney. I just want to say that the millennial dilemma is real and we have to address it,” said Dr. Daniel.

IKLAS collected the aspirations of the students at MMU to then be studied and passed to the relevant government agencies. These aspirations are also a way to empower the youths to be more open about their needs.