Discover the Neighbourhood with Renaissance

Discover this way with Renaissance Hotels

Renaissance Johor Bahru celebrates it’s “Discover This Way” marketing campaign by taking guests out to the street market

On the heels of its reimagined global design strategy, Renaissance Hotels, part of Marriott International, announced its continued brand evolution through “Discover This Way”, a marketing campaign that reinforces the brand’s promise of delivering the unexpected to its guests and patrons.

To celebrate, Renaissance Hotels guided guests to uncover the soul of the neighbourhoods around the world with exclusive experiences and perks from the brand’s ‘This Way’ partners. The brand will also begin to introduce a new visual identity for the first time in nearly eight years, which will reflect what Renaissance Hotels offers today – a sense of clever, theatricality and an open invitation to experience something a little unexpected during guests’ travels.

All the guests and Navigators enjoying their unique Nitro drinks

This year’s annual Global Day of Discovery celebration took place on the 16th of May 2019, and in 160 hotels in more than 35 countries, spotlighting the Renaissance Hotel Navigator, who – counter to a typical concierge, knows how to show guests how to discover destinations like a local by handpicking discoveries that cannot be found in a guidebook.

“We have been on a mission to continue to evolve what Renaissance Hotels offers today, and this year’s Global Day of Discovery and the “Discover This Way” campaign officially marks a new era for the brand,” said George Fleck, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing & Management, Renaissance Hotels.

Trying out all the street food that the neighbourhood has to offer

To celebrate the Johor Bahru Hotel, guests had the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood by visiting the “Night Market” to experience indigenous street food such as Apam Balik, jack fruits, fancy bun, fried giant squid and Otak-Otak. The discovery ended at “Jurassic Café”, a local café that houses exotic pets. Guests were thrilled by the unexpected moments and experiences like discovering exotic species such as albino Racoon and Dragon Bearded Lizards all while sipping on Nitro Tea, a concoction of traditional Chinese tea infused with nitrogen gas!

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