A Whole New Ballgame with RM500,000 Sponsorship

Signing between JSBA and VF Group, witnessed by Cheo Yee How, State Assemblyman for Perling and Johor Sports Council Director Gadaffie Aziz

Johor State Basketball Association received RM500,000 from the private sector to improve facilities and training

A basketball court sits in almost every neighbourhood parks but it doesn’t mean the amateurs have had access to being a professional basketball player. Therefore, the Johor State Basketball Association (JSBA) has been holding basketball competitions to select the best players to be a part of their team to represent the state, and the country.

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However, coaching costs are not easily affordable. The cost of training and coaching could mount up to RM60000 per competition. VF Group founder, Dato Vincent Koo Seng Yong, being a basketball enthusiast himself, understands this and under the real-estate company decided to sponsor RM100,000 per year for five years to the association. This sponsorship will support the development of the sports, improve their infrastructure and facilities, and coaching for players under the age of 17.

Handing over the cheque of RM500,000 to the JSBA for the development of basketball for players under 17 years of age

The signing ceremony was officiated by Cheo Yee How, State Assemblyman of Perling, Dato’ Ou Kwee Hua, Vice President of Johor State Basketball Association, Gadaffie Aziz, Director of Johor Sports Council, and Vincent Koo, founder and sponsor from VF Group.

Following this sponsorship, the JSBA, which has attained impressive track records and performance over the years, also aims to go all out and achieve four gold in basketball at the upcoming SUKMA 2020.