A Playful Weekend at Iskarnival Main-Main 2018

Cultural musical performance

It was a fun filled weekend as Iskarnival welcomed its 6th year with the theme ‘Main-Main’ at Puteri Harbour

Themed ‘Main-Main’, the ISKARNIVAL 2018 ended well with a more playful approach, quoting Albert Einstein “Play is the highest form of research”. The entire carnival had all sorts of activities that indulged the child in us.

Clowns and performers from the Moscow circus dazzled and entertained families and children throughout the day. Giant sized games such as Chess, Snakes and Ladders, and Jenga to name a few were laid out throughout the carnival grounds. Full buckets of soap water for kids and adults to make soap bubbles added to the carnival atmosphere. Art installations were also laid out for people to enjoy.

Performance by Full Pledge Munkees

There were also workshops held that ranged from Bamboo art and Basket Weaving to Comics and Graphic Scores for Sound Making.

As with every Iskarnival, the vendors played a big part in adding to the entire carnival, with sections for Crafts, Creatives, Mainan (Toys/Games). With the ‘Main-Main’ theme, it was no wonder that the Mainan section of the carnival got a healthy amount of crowd. One in particular was Alexandria Bookstore, which focused a lot on strategy Board games and Card games for both adults and children.

One of the biggest pulls were of course the musical performances, and again, Iskarnival outdid itself with amazing performers such as Zee Avi, Joe Flizzow, Full Pledge Munkees, Yung Raja, Hujan, and Fariz Jabba just to name a few.

Members of Alexandria Bookstore teaching the public how to play card games and board games

All in all, with so many activities, it was an amazing event for everyone and you can look forward to more in Iskarnival 2019.