A Day to Learn About Voicing Your Truth as a Citizen

Peggy Loh, opens the floor and the minds of participants on writing and journalism

In the world of viral news, be the ethical media practitioner instead

Remember when main sources of information were from printed newspaper, magazines, radio and television? It was where the content went through strict and heavy proofing and checks by professionals, ensuring people received accurate and well-conveyed information.

But internet happened and Malaysians got caught off-guard with the rise of social media. Before we know it, the carefully guarded dam of information exploded, flooding towards people no matter if it was the truth or entirely made up. Everyone are telling their stories and some even got into hot water for being unaware of the consequences that followed by their little fun in the internet!

Participants of Youth Truth News Basic Citizen Journalism Course

Here is why the Youth Truth News Basic Citizen Journalism Course was held by The Iskandarian, at Infinity8 E-Commerce Hub as its joint partner. All 20 participants, of all ages came together as early as 9am to learn in depth on how to express themselves better in the digital age.

Peggy Loh, the author of My Johor Stories shared her experiences as a newspaper journalist for decades and the challenges that were bundled with it and how she overcame it all.

Speakers of Youth Truth News Basic Citizen Journalism Course, clockwise from below, Peggy Loh, Balbeer Singh Jessy, Harish Mustak, Vishnu Dev and Salamahafifi Yusnaieny

Salamahafifi, a journalist with The Iskandarian and a published author went in depth about processing information and conveying it to the public responsibly.

Balbeer Singh Jessy, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) Head of Department, Legal & Secretarial spoke about the fundamentals of media law and what citizen journalists should be aware of.

Participants during a practise session to train and test their memory

The final session was held by Vishnu Dev, Founder and Director of Reel Studio Sdn Bhd, giving extensive tips and tricks on using mobile phone to take better pictures which is an essential asset to accompany your news.

After a practical session, participants were each awarded with certificates at the end of the day. Don’t miss out the next Youth Truth News Basic Citizen Journalism Course on 24th Aug –  http://www.cj-truthnews.com/