34 Boys Make The Cut At KPJ Bandar Dato’ Onn

The child of the founder of Ismail's clam, a tool for circumcision made in Johor, joined the mass cut with KPJSHBDO as well

The coming of age ceremony brings the community together

KPJ Specialist Hospital Bandar Dato’ Onn (KPJSHBDO) organised the first ever mass circumcision ceremony as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme for the community of Johor Bahru on 14th December 2019. 34 children between the ages of 7 to 13 participated from all areas of Johor Bahru. Joining them at the event were their families and even Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Asmadi Mohd Bakri, who arrived at the hospital as early as 8.45AM to get the children ready for the procedure.

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Among the 34 children, two of them are siblings all the way from Taman Rinting. Adrian Haqal, 9 years old, and Addany Razil, 8 years old, bonded over a ‘Transformers’ film that was shown to keep all participating boys calm and distracted before undergoing the real deal. Anne Aida, the mother of the siblings, learnt about the programme through her client and quickly signed both the brothers up. Adrian, especially, has been excited to go through the procedure, as he considers it a step into adulthood, giving him the green light to attend mass prayers at his local mosque.

A team of professionals encouraging participant to conquer their emotion during procedure – CEO of KPJBDO, Tuan Haji Asmadi was also present to give his moral support
Two siblings who were in this together – Adrian Haqal and Addany Razil, with their mother, Anne Aida waiting for their turn

3 doctors consisting of 2 specialists and 1 medical officer were on duty to perform the circumcision procedure in rotation. At least 3 nurses were on standby when the procedure was performed on each participant.

Initially, the programme was capped to only 20 participants. However, with requests flooding in and even families asking if walk-in registration was available, they had to increase the number of participants.

“We took pride in the number of participation seeing that this is the first time it is organised and hosted (at KPJSHBDO) since its opening on 19th February earlier this year,” said Tuan Haji Asmadi to the press. He added that seeing the response they have received, the programme might be a fixed one for school holidays in their future CSR effort.