24th Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival

Johor State Women and Tourism Development Committee Chairwoman Liow Cai Tung with the sponsors for the 24th FLLSPG

The annual World Kite Festival is approaching and it’s bringing along a myriad of captivating performances that will bound to leave you star-struck!

The prelaunch ceremony for the 24th Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival (FLLSPG) was held at Capital City Entertainment Mall and officiated by the Johor State Women and Tourism Development Committee Chairwoman, Liow Cai Tung.

Johor State Women and Tourism Development Committee Chairwoman Liow Cai Tung’s attempt at the wau-making workshop

FLLSPG will begin on 27th February till 3rd March 2019 at Bukit Layang-Layang, Pasir Gudang, and its theme for this year is dubbed “The Beauty of Culture”. The purpose of the theme is to inculcate the importance of tradition and culture among both the current and future generation.

“FLLSPG is such a significant tourism event in Johor and it plays a role to express the exquisite culture of wau and kites. Aside from that, it will also boost the economy of the region due to an influx of international visitors during the period”, added Liow.

Approximately more than 1000 participants have registered for the festival this year ranging from all categories. There are more than 200 participants hailing from 45 countries that will be participating this year and amongst those countries, 5 new countries namely Colombia, UAE, Bulgaria, Hungary and Venezuela are joining.

MPPG Bikers rolling out for promotional expedition

To name a few interesting performances that are ought not to be missed are the Inspitari Joget Wau Merak which highlights the traditional Johor wau, LED Stringless Butterfly by Gofly Kite Singapore and LED Stunt Kite performed by participants from China. To further enliven the festival, there will be 300 vendors with an array of merchandises and cultural night shows.

To promote the festival, mobile promotion will be mediated through MPPG Bikers’ Expedition which involves a convoy of 20 motorcycles as well as 2 4WD to tour around a few districts in Johor to propagate the happening through distribution of promotional leaflets and interactive programmes with the community.