Naturally Splendid Escape at Palm Resort – Part Two

Nice set-up ready for my tired feet at the Le Spa

Take the family or spend a romantic staycation with your loved one at Le Grandeur Palm Resort in Senai

After the golf course tour and a session of bowling at the Sports & Leisure Club, I went to the Cocomo restaurant near the pool to chill and have a slice of brownie and cool water. Later in the evening for dinner, also at Cocomo – a Surf & Turf restaurant, I had the loin and prawns with baked potato and vegetables as sides. A little bit of the land and a little bit of the sea; it was perfect to close a long day. However, the Bar next door was open till late for those drinking buddies and party groups.

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Afternoon dessert at Cocomo

Do take note that Le Grandeur is open for parties whether big or small such as birthdays, team building, or weddings. The pool area is perfect for a dinner party but just make sure no one falls in, unless it’s a wet pool dinner party!

After dinner, I decided to head back to the room for some TV. I was excited to try out their new smart TV and little did I know, time flew really quickly when you’re on YouTube and I dozed off comfortably.

Come morning, I was contemplating whether to go swimming or just have breakfast. I decided to do it in correct sequence of course. I mean who goes for a swim after a meal?! So, after flexing my arms in the pool I was ready for some food.

Olympic size swimming pool at the Sports & Leisure Club

Breakfast comprised of local fare and it did its part to fill me up but I was looking forward to lunch at Sobasei where Teppanyaki was served. One more stop before that, a foot massage at Le Spa. Public service announcement to those ticklish and pain intolerant people, I suggest you to tell the masseuse you have a voice. It’s either she has strong hands, or she knows the spots.

Chef Nizam, the master at the Teppanyaki

So then, right after the foot spa, I felt like I could run a marathon. Only felt like it, not actually going to do it because my marathon was to Sobasei which is part of the Sino-Japanese fusion restaurant next to Ishwara. What a way to end a short staycation with a wonderfully choreographed performance and presentation by Chef Nizam who is the resident Teppanyaki Chef.  Just as I burped my last Teppanyaki steak bite, I was already in my car revving away from the Palm Resort feeling wonderful with the hospitality rendered to me. Like I said in the beginning, checking in is a breeze, so is checking out.

Surfing & turfing at Cocomo for dinner

So, if you feel like going away for a short staycation or take your family out for a quick family day, call +607-5996000 or email to for events or functions, or for reservations.