Johor Bahru is the Top Choice for Malaysians: OYO’s Global Unlocking Travel Report

Global booking trends show Malaysia among top three countries most active in economy and mid-scale hotel bookings

Johor Bahru
OYO Link Inn Hotel, Johor Bahru

As domestic and regional travel picks up steam in many parts of the world in tandem with the relaxing of travel restrictions, OYO has moved to capture the early travel trends, in the first edition of the Unlocking Travel Report. The report captures insights on global consumer travel and booking trends during the ongoing pandemic, revealing travellers’ top preferences and the destinations around the world seeing the most active resurgence of travel.

From data on travel preferences across different geographies, the Unlocking Travel Report notes that Americans prefer long-term stays whereas Europeans are increasingly opting for nature-friendly as well as flexible pet-friendly vacation homes, and also hotels conveniently located close to grocery stores or markets. Guests in India prefer to travel within a radius of 200km, to facilitate road travel to either neighbouring towns or states, consequently increasing the popularity of road trips. The study also shows that economy and mid-scale hotels are the preferred choice for travellers across the globe. These preferences and trends are in turn shaping the future of the OYO business roadmap, by influencing planning for new offerings and packages for potential guests.

OYO De Sweet Boutique Hotel, Johor

OYO’s global booking trends recorded from 8th June to 8th July 2020 showed Malaysia among the top three countries with the most bookings in the OYO network. Breaking the numbers down, the most bookings were made for properties in Johor Bahru, followed by Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bharu.

RegionsTop destinations
India●       Bangalore

●       Delhi

●       Hyderabad

Indonesia●       Jakarta

●       Bandung

●       Medan

Malaysia●       Johor Bahru

●       Kuala Lumpur

●       Kota Bharu

USA●       Houston

●       Baton Rouge

●       Jackson

Japan●       Asahikawa Sasebo

●       Kagoshima

Thailand●       Bangkok

●       Hua Hin

●       Chiang Mai

Europe●       Netherlands

●       Belgium

●       Denmark

●       Germany

To enhance consumer experiences and make it a seamless process right from the discovery and booking stage, OYO also recently launched its self-help tools and ChatBot across key markets including India, the US, UK, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Tan Ming Luk, Country Head, Malaysia & Singapore, OYO Hotels & Homes said,” The phrase ‘Safe Travels’ has been in the lexicon of human culture for so long, yet for most people, never before has it been more poignant than in the world we live in today. Through our customer survey and observation of booking trends, we seek to listen to our guests and form a deeper understanding of their top priorities, and in line with this, work towards building capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.”

OYO Muar City Hotel, Muar

“Through the Unlocking Travel Report and other efforts, we have ascertained that Malaysians are making travel plans, even if it remains a low-key priority for the next few months. We are already seeing signs of market recovery, as the desire to travel remain unquenched locally and in other markets we are in. Nevertheless, new travel trends are also emerging across the world, thereby making it more important than ever for the hospitality industry to understand their customers’ needs and preferences, and to adapt offerings in relevant ways. The ability to be agile and adaptable in the budget hospitality space is paramount, to allow businesses in this segment to fulfil the needs of guests more quickly and more accurately.”

For example, in a world where everyone is learning to co-exist with a virus, cleanliness, sanitisation, hygiene and physical distancing have become key factors in consumer expectations when booking hotels. To fulfil these expectations and to provide a safe experience for all our guests, OYO launched the Sanitized Stays programme in Malaysia. This is where OYO shines – we are able to work with hotel partners to roll out network-wide policies such as the Sanitized Stays programme, yet at the same time, these hoteliers can adapt quickly and independently to meet the needs of guests, such as customising room rates and packages to offer affordable, safe and comfortable accommodation for travellers.”

OYO Wangsa Hotel

The Unlocking Travel Report also found that travellers ranked the availability of hand sanitisers at the reception as their top safety feature while booking a hotel, followed by temperature checks, a facility for digital payments, social distancing circles at the check-in counter, use of trusted disinfectants for room cleaning and free cancellation policies.

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