Take a Bite at Two Peck Crispy Chicken

Lion dance blessing luck into Two Peck Crispy Chicken

The popular Taiwanese street food goodies now in Mount Austin

Rejoice to you Taiwanese street snack lover for the popular chain of crispy chicken in Taiwan has finally landed in Malaysia and the best part is it is right here in Mount Austin, Johor!

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Launched recently, the Two Peck Crispy Chicken already has a long queue of people waiting to have a taste of this Taiwanese goodness. The first 100 people were lucky enough to get theirs for free on the day of its launch and people had apparently been queuing from wee hours in the morning, showing a huge interest for the chain store to open.

Getting a set of original Taiwanese bubble milk tea and their original #Jipai crispy chicken

The established brand with more than 350 shops around Taiwan, Australia, New York, Myanmar and Thailand offers a very specific serving of 330gram-heavy, 15cm long chicken breasts, 1cm thick, deep fried after marinating for 3 days and it has to be cooked upon order, guaranteeing you freshly-cooked crispy chicken that is tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

#jipai or crispy chicken and win a free meal

Ordering is pretty easy. Pick either original or spicy and if you feel a little adventurous, pick up a set that comes with a drink! For as low as RM16.90, I got myself one of that huge original crispy chicken and a cup of milk tea with tapioca pearls – Taiwanese popular street snack specialty! Condiments are laid out on the counter and there are the usual tomato sauce and chilli sauce with the addition of Thai sweet chilli sauce.

The store serves no pork and no lard with halal-certified local chicken supplier, so there is something for everyone! Drop by your new Taiwanese eatery haven at 45, Jalan Austin Height 8/3, Taman Mount Austin from 12pm to 12am. For more information, check out https://m.facebook.com/TwoPeckMalaysia/