Signature Dining at Desaru Coast Gourmet Series

Gourmet Nasi Kerabu

A twist on Malaysian cuisine under the expert hands of a Michelin Grand Chef

Technique, not ingredient, was Michelin Grand Chef Emmanuel Stroobant’s emphasis on what makes a normal dish extraordinary. As a part of an exclusively curated 6-series dining event at Desaru Coast, visitors were treated to a special session of the chef’s techniques in cooking Malaysian food. The First Edition took place from 7th – 9th December 2018 at The Els Club Desaru Coast, Johor.

In partnership with SAVOUR, Singapore’s culinary event organiser, the event invited prestigious chefs from around the world to create a unique dining experience for visitors. At the special session, the Belgium-born Chef demonstrated his discovery of the burning of the skin of chilli to bring out its flavour, and pounding the roots of coriander to bring more “umami” to the dish. Delicious scent of freshly prepared traditional ingredients lingered the room causing stomachs growling for more.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant before the special session sharing techniques to cooking Malaysian food

On a mission to fight fast food and bring people together during meals, he presented his take on the Malaysian Journey themed gourmet dinner experience with eight items on the menu. The combination of ‘gourmet’ and ‘traditional Malay food’ was brow-raising, but Chef Emmanuel tastefully married the two into his fusion of familiar yet new flavours. Who would’ve thought the silky-tender 24-hours braised short ribs would complement with jackfruit? Then there was scallop that tasted like Laksa, desserts that might make one ditch his diet and Keropok dusted with gold, among other dishes served. Attention to detail, precision, and creativity also burst and danced on the taster’s tongue. It was truly a unique delectable experience; Malaysian cuisine rediscovered.

Only an hour’s drive from Senai Airport, Desaru Coast is the gateway location for everybody from culinary explorers to music fans at Hard Rock Hotel, waterpark lovers at Adventure Waterpark to golf players at The Els Club, and beach-goers. Desaru Coast is also easily accessible by land and ferry.

Desaru Coast Gourmet Series was a part of “Desaru Coast Live Series,” a curation of special events focusing on music, gourmet, and lifestyle. For more information on Desaru Coast, visit