OLDTOWN White Coffee Quashes All Rumours

The Management of this popular chain of café comes forth that all their premises holds the Sijil Pengesahan Halal Malaysia (SPHM) since 2010

OLDTOWN White Coffee

The Management of OLDTOWN White Coffee strongly rejects all rumours and claims that their products contain pork. The allegation in the video that has been circulated on various social media channels is not true.

“We would like to reassure consumers that all our premises have held the Sijil Pengesahan Halal Malaysia (SPHM) from authorities since 2010. Our businesses take the Halal certification and regulations very seriously, and we ensure that all the ingredients in our food and beverages do not contain any traces of pork or non-halal elements”, as per its media statement.

Local representatives from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs had visited the outlets in question for an inspection following the accusations and confirmed that they are false.

JAKIM’s verification statement which confirms that these claims are fake news may be viewed via –https://www.facebook.com/HabHalalJakim/photos/a.744506395708636/1775823102576955.

OLDTOWN White Coffee’s halal certificates can be found here at the Portal Rasmi Halal Malaysia – http://www.halal.gov.my/v4/index.php?data=bW9kdWxlcy9uZXdzOzs7Ow==&utaman=info.

The statement urges and seeks the help of netizens to stop the spread of false claims. The management is seeking legal advice and will not hesitate to act against individuals who make false allegations to the fullest extent of the law.