Blessings of the Lions at Meisan Szechuan Restaurant in Mutiara Hotel

Celebrate Chinese New Year with prosperous dishes freshly prepared for you

Luxurious interior at Meisan Szechuan Restaurant in Mutiara Hotel

The seventh day according to the Chinese during the Chinese New Year is referred as the ‘people’s day’ where everyone is celebrating their first birthday as per the Chinese calendar (Day of the humans). Mutiara Hotel Johor Bahru decided to celebrate this special event with delightful dishes and a lion dance performance for added auspiciousness.

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While waiting for the selected dishes to come in, Jasmine tea was served piping hot in thick ceramic cups ensuring you get all the nutrients at every sip. Chinese New Year mood was felt all around and the pre-meal kicked off with an exquisite serving of Yee Sang with chestnuts, arrowroot’s crisps, pineapple bits and raisins with its sauce – all ready for guests to toss it up.

Crispy and soft mantou buns that complement the flavourful Garoupa dish in sweet and sour gravy

What comes next was the mouth-watering “Garoupa fish dish; steamed and cooked Cantonese style” and it is best eaten with freshly fried mantou – a bun that is crispy on the outside and so fluffy in the inside. The flavourful fest goes on with “Twin delight prawns” garnished with dried chili and curry leaves with a handful of cornflakes for crunch, followed by “Deep fried boneless chicken with special sauce and shredded mango” and “Braised black mushrooms, fish maw & chicken dumplings with broccoli”. As a sweet conclusion, “Steamed buns with kaya and Cold “mua chi” in the shape of ancient Chinese gold nuggets” were served.

Twin delight prawns with dried chili and curry leaves and cornflakes

Enjoy all these dishes at Meisan Szechuan Restaurant in Mutiara Hotel for either lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm or dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Mutiara Specialty Yee Sang order is priced at RM108nett and is only until 8th Feb 2020. Book your table today by calling 07-3300 300 or email a reservation to