Boost Your Mood with Moodmojee!

Drinks, anyone?
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Creatively innovative menu items are a craze at any F&B outlet nowadays. Inspired by Asian Cheese Teas, Associate Foodservice Director of Anchor Food Professionals (AFP) mentioned that the versatile role of dairy products can play a big part in turning a plain drink into something extraordinary.

“We understand the versatile role-play in delivering great taste, texture, and appearance in any form whether it is in a drink or pastries. Dairy is traditionally very popular with Western markets but this time, we wanted to play with local ingredients to give it an overall Asian taste,” he said.

AFP recently introduced 6 creative mocktails, each with their own distinct and unique flavour, as part of their new campaign – Moodmojee.
The Moodmojee campaign saw AFP working with fifteen F&B partners in both the Peninsular and East Malaysia where these creamy creations will be introduced in phases starting November 2018 to January 2019.

This mood boosting campaign was introduced to keep up with global trends, and its end goal is to help AFP’s foodservices partners to boost their businesses.

The specially brewed mood boosting drinks at Living Room café in Taman Pelangi

Among the choice of non-alcoholic beverages that have been intricately conceptualised by AFP’s chefs to showcase the delicious possibilities of the dairy products supplied by AFP are Kaya-Nika Fusion, Yuzu Chocolate Surprise, Pom and Grey Twist, Lemon Mint Meringue, Tangy Brew, and White Chocoffee.

These delicious thirst-quenchers will be available at two of AFP’s foodservice partner outlets in Johor, namely Living Room Café in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru which will feature Tangy Brew, Pom and Grey Twist, and Yuzu Chocolate Surprise at RM9.90 each. Whereas the White Chocoffe, Lemon mint Meringue, and Kaya-Nika Fusion will be available at Love Tea F&B in Kulai, Johor for RM12.90 each.

Previous successful campaigns brought by AFP were Say Cheese, PizzaArt, and Anchor Travel Cakes, each promoting the main character from AFP which is dairy products.