New Regional Training Centre for Real-Estate Education

Launch gimmick of RCA Johor with the VIPs

Real Centre Academy (RCA) Asia had opened a new and modern training facility to cater to the growing demands for lifelong learning and knowledge, especially in the real-estate and property industry.

Located in Permas Jaya, the new 3-storey training facility was established as a response to the call by the government to reinvent the industry. Real-estate is not only a local business but can also reach global markets as various economic regions that are being developed has one thing in common which is real-estate, whether for commercial or residential use.

Ken Lim, Founder of RCA

Apart from that, Ken Lim, Founder of RCA shared that between his passion towards lifelong learning and the need for industry knowledge to be disseminated, the possibilities are endless. Especially when it is not necessary and there is no obligation or need for certification from tertiary education institutions when it comes to real-estate. “All you need is knowledge and a license,” he said.

Lim added, “With the globalisation of real-estate needs and requirements, the knowledge for compliance and regulatory issues has become crucial to anyone entering into the global markets for real-estate. Our vision of RCA is to provide a one-stop solution for real-estate professionals to equip them with lifelong skills and knowledge to excel in today’s competitive and dynamic real-estate landscape.”

“We are excited to welcome Dr Boaz Boon as our Advisory Board Member who spearheaded our training centre’s learning and development programme and Cheong Mei Ling who will be the Centre Director of RCA Johor,” said Lim.

Various novice and mastery programmes are available for enrolment at RCA Johor. Agencies can also book RCA Johor’s facilities and engage with trainers for specialised courses.

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