Malaysian Culture Starts from Schools


In the spirit of patriotism and living harmoniously, SMK Dato’ Jaafar Johor Bahru (SDJ) had organised several multi-cultural events for all the students to participate in such as ‘Maulidur Rasul’, ‘Ang Pow’ and ‘Pongal’ celebrations. The diversity of these events at the grassroots level shows that the school supports tolerance and harmonious living in a multiracial country.

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First, the Muslims celebrated Maulidur Rasul which is the celebration of Prophet Nabi Muhammad’s birth. The theme for this year was called ‘Cinta Rasul’ and Ustaz Ellyeen Amineen Bin Mohd Salleh was invited to give a speech.

Maulidur Rasul

Next, the Hindus celebrated Pongal as a traditional thanksgiving occasion to the nature. Various activities such as kolam, pot painting and most importantly cooking Pongal using rice with milk in an earthen was the main highlight. Besides that, a group of students put up a spectacular performance with the thappattam drums which are used during Pongal festival.

Pongal Festival

Finally, the school hosted an Ang Pow festival where there were a few performances prepared to awe audiences such as the lion dance, martial arts, and 24 festive drums. The day ended well with teachers singing songs and savory snacks were handed out as a treat.

Ang Pow Celebration

Celebrating events and festivals in SDJ has become an integral part in learning and building a strong cultural belief. Such celebrations bring the students closer to develop respect and understanding towards each other’s customs and traditions, ensuring a better Malaysia.