Gearing Towards a Higher Income State

Vice President of IRDA’s Business Ecosystem Prakash Nagarajan (middle) addressing the media during the MoC between IRDA and CIC

IRDA and Crescendo International College is set to strengthen talent supply in the Iskandar Malaysia region

Iskandar Reginal Development Authority (IRDA) and Crescendo International College (CIC) had signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) under the Iskandar Malaysia Professional Certification (IMPC) programme as a step to produce more accounting professionals through CIC’s Future Accounting Professional (FAP) programme.

Vice President of IRDA’s Business Ecosystem Prakash Nagarajan, said professionals from Kuala Lumpur are leading the charge for Iskandar Malaysia, adding that the mass movement towards the region is largely due to the availability of more and lucrative job opportunities in the region.

“We may not be able to compete with Singapore in terms of attracting talent from Johor, but IRDA has its strategies and is providing opportunities to people from all over the country to come and work here,” said Prakash during the press conference of the signing ceremony held at Amari Hotel Johor Bahru.

The MoC was signed by Prakash and CIC Chief Executive Fang Kiam Hui, who explained that the FAP Programme gives hope to school leavers who face financial difficulties, allowing them a chance at realising their dreams.
“My sincere appreciation goes to IRDA for providing the financial support in the form of grants to the employers such as IMEG and study loans to school leavers,” said Fang.

The Iskandar Malaysia Professional Certification (IMPC) programme is a training and financial assistance programme for upskilling and providing work experience to employees. The Iskandar Malaysia Employee Grant (IMEG) and the Iskandar Malaysia Professional Fund (IMProF) will be utilised to facilitate and support the implementation of the programme.