Discover the Power of Imagination at Kiddomo Discovery, JB

Celebrating the grand opening of Kiddomo Discovery in R&F Mall, Johor Bahru

A place for children to learn through play as their imagination comes alive

At Kiddomo, the journey of children’s discovery starts at the Heroes station where they scan their waistbands to create their own hero profile. The system records the kids’ progress as they explore all the stations, each with waistband scanners installed in various learning areas.

Kiddomo Stage Area and Learning Space where most workshops will be conducted for children to learn collaboratively

There are several learning spaces suited for kids of different age groups and varying interests. Children who love board games will enjoy a huge selection of games in a “quiet corner”. There is also a selection of books for children who prefer some time reading on their own, with their friends or parents. Besides that, children will also be pleased to find out there are digital learning areas, creative station, workshops and classes available at Kiddomo.

Colourful and safely padded obstacle course for younger kids to explore and improve their mobility, coordination and balancing skills

Parents will also find the resting area a welcoming space to put their feet up and relax as the children continue playing nearby, conquering a colourful, mini obstacle course which is linked to a huge ball pool area for children.

Friendly facilitators encouraging kids to use their imagination to create 3D arts and crafts projects

Within Kiddomo, there is also a café which offers nutritious food and delicious desserts as well as a baby gym for children below the age of 3.

Kiddomo is located at Level 1, R & F Mall Johor Bahru, Tanjung Puteri, Johor Bahru and is open daily from 10am – 10pm. For more details and pricing, please contact 019-7000957.