Connect-ED 2019 – Creating Collective Impact towards Solving Education Inequity

Fun activities upon arrival and registrations to kick-start the conference

Teach For Malaysia invites the community to sit together and talk about ways to create a conducive education and learning ecosystem

The Teach For Malaysia (TFM) fellows in the southern region had organised their bi-annual conference which was rebranded to Connect-ED 2019.

The Connect-ED 2019 encompassed three parts which includes CELEBRATE, COLLECTIVE, and COMMIT.

Regional Manager of Teach For Malaysia Southern Region giving his inspiring speech

The first part was the opening and introduction of TFM and its mission. Student performances from TFM-affiliated schools were also featured in the first part. Then participants explored around the expo to understand the current work and progress from Fellows, Alumni and students.

Finally, the participants participated in a facilitated unconference-style discussion on their selected topic from – Social Emotional Learning, Future Planning, Racial Integration, Teacher Community, and Social Innovation. The purpose of the unconference is to facilitate greater understanding towards these topics and to foster collaborations between the different parties.

Another fun activity at Connect-ED 2019

Among the participants of Connect-ED 2019 were the Ministry of Education partners and representatives from schools around Johor, IRDA, PwC, SIF, ThinkCity, Chumbaka, One SCAA Training Academy, Care United, Dignity, Sunway College, IPGKTI, Institute CityPro, Pelita International School, The Iskandarian, and Nug Network.

Since 2016, TFM has opened regional offices in Johor and have placed 4 cohorts of TFM Fellows across Pasir Gudang, Johor Bahru, and Kulai. Given that this is their fourth year in Johor, TFM aspires to get more involved with the community of the Southern Region in order to affect change to the Johor education landscape.

Students from different schools present their current work and progress

This year’s theme is ‘Achieving a Ripple Effect’ – It is through our collective effort – students, Fellows, Alumni, public and private partners that we are able to achieve excellent education in Johor. Through Connect-ED 2019, we hope to explore more on Johor education ecosystem and develop collaboration opportunities moving forward,” said Tan Wei Jie, Regional Manager of TFM Southern Region in his speech.

Even teachers are excited to share their current work and progress

TFM is a not-for-profit organisation that envisions that one day, all children in Malaysia will have the opportunity to attain excellent education. TFM recruits, train, and support promising young leaders to be teachers in underprivileged communities for two years in order to establish a movement of alumni committed to broader systemic change. TFM is also a part of Teach For All, which is a global network of 50 independent partner organisations that have adapted the programme to their local context.