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UBA’s graduation class of 17’

UBA mark their 8th year with collaborations and international partnerships

Universal Business Academy (UBA) has grown from strength to strength and has marked their 8th year by signing collaboration with Pencilar Academy to promote market adaptive graphic and design courses.

The founder of Pencilar Academy, Ngu Hie Ling believes that the collaboration will be very fruitful.

“We bring over 20 years of experience in the industry and we will help provide the best possible modules that will enable the students to adapt to the working world smoothly,” said Ngu.

The collaboration announcement was made during the second graduation ceremony of UBA’s class of 2017.

Speaking about UBA’s eighth year in operation, CEO Dr. Shirley Tan stressed that the Academy gives importance to care giving and education by example. Coming from a humble background, Dr. Shirley is a social entrepreneur who has brought UBA to the Philippines and helped empower many disabled people to get better education. To date, UBA’s has had over 2000 students locally.

“I like UBA’s ease of learning with correspondence courses which can tailor to my needs with flexible hours,” said Andy Yam, a former graduate from UBA who is taking further courses with the Academy currently.

Nantha Balan who is a lecturer at UBA and develops the academic programmes, highlighted that UBA designs’ programmes cater to their students’ working schedules and time.

“It’s been challenging to come up with customised programmes but that is the strength of UBA, whereby we develop programmes with flexibility and offer virtual programmes for our students,” said Nantha.

UBA is looking forward to further expansions both locally and in the South-East Asian region with Indonesia being high on the growth list of the Academy.