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New Normal: Looking Forward to the Next Step in Evolution

People are being forced to adopt and adapt to new daily processes

The Last Straw for Malaysia

Straws Ban – are we transitioning to adapt? "She’s just a wannabe,” I heard the warung owner tell her kitchen assistant when I requested for no straws for my table. Taken aback I was, but...

Are Delivery Goods Safe Enough to be Used or Consumed in this Pandemic?

Find out if your food, grocery and even packages are safe to enter your home

All the Useful Websites That You Need

Some of these websites exist to cease all the inflexible parts in your life away

Is There A Place Left For Print Media?

The world is changing rapidly and so does necessities

Malaysian Culture Starts from Schools

In the spirit of patriotism and living harmoniously, SMK Dato’ Jaafar Johor Bahru (SDJ) had organised several multi-cultural events for all the students to participate in such as ‘Maulidur Rasul’, ‘Ang Pow’ and ‘Pongal’...

Editor’s Note

As businesses are conditionally allowed to operate and possibly the whole nation given more freedom after the 9th of June, do not rejoice and go back to the old norm. Practice social distancing at...

The Future of Travel – An All-Hands-On-Deck Effort

Damien Pfirsch, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Programs, Agoda

Editor’s Note

So, life seems to be slowly going back to the old “normal” with restrictions eased since the 10th of June in a bid to stimulate the economy. While we acknowledge that many have lost...

Beware of Fake News: Tips to Detect Them

Don’t be gullible, be a responsible information consumer!
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