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Johor Bahru
Wednesday, April 8, 2020

JARO Appreciates its Members for their Hard Work

Annual celebration during festive season always a special time to remember others

The Future has Game: 4D Virtual Reality

Checking out VRinity, a virtual reality theme park in Iskandar Puteri

Semarak Juara Carnival to Boost SUKMA XX Johor 2020

As a prelude to SUKMA XX Johor, the organisers through the SUKMA Secretariat have added the ‘Semarak Juara Carnival 2020’ to give the event an early boost and to ensure that the entire country...

Kerry Lends a Hand to Free Market Johor

Serving 600 needy families whilst promoting community sustainability and urban resilience

Unboxing BookXcess’s “Box of Knowledge”

BookXcess opens its 9th bookstore at Sunway Big Box Retail Park, featuring millions of books while promoting reading culture to the masses

Saving Koalas, One Tiffin at a Time

Victims of the Australian bushfire includes a huge amount of helpless koalas

SUKMA XX Merchandise Launch

No better way to support SUKMA XX Johor 2020 than with some new apparel and merchandise

Braving the Biawak

Monitor lizards, known locally as biawak, often lurk near drains, streams and rivers. Malaysia is home to a number of monitor lizards, with the Water Monitor Lizard (Varanus salvator) being the one more commonly...

Doctors’ Recommendation: Healthy Food Delivery

Confinement Food, Recovery Meals, “Reset” Diets at your doorstep
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