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Johor Bahru
Friday, April 10, 2020

Shariah-Compliant Cryptocurrency Ready to Enter the Digital Coin Market

OBC - UTM has concluded their research to convince the Muslim world on digital coins

Monthly Drill – Kensington Green Specialist Centre (KGSC)

Name: Dr Hoo Sing Nguang Position: Founding Director Company: Kensington Green Specialist Centre (KGSC) A Founding Director cum shareholder of Kensington Green Specialist Centre (KGSC), Dr Hoo Sing Nguang operates a private O&G consultancy hospital and maternity...

Making Sense of the 6% Digital Service Tax

In between feeling robbed and understanding how it works

Johor Port is the First Port in Malaysia with Three Interlink Pipelines

Collaboration with 3 major LPG companies, strengthens Johor Port’s role as LPG Southern hub

IRDA Senior Management Staff Gets Recognised

It was a fitting recognition for excellent service at the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) when the Lead of Corporate Services and Head of Legal and Secretarial, Balbeer Singh Jessy, was recently awarded the...

Biotech Activities Soldier on in Johor

Recalling my interview question for my first job; how do you explain Biotechnology to a 5-year-old kid? My answer was simply; using any form of living organism to convert low value products into high...

Tap and Maneuver Johor Places of Interest through Vlog App

Johor Hotel Industry collaborated with Cao Parties Sdn Bhd to promote interesting places in lieu of Visit Johor Year 2020

BaseConference 2020 Accelerating Startups in the ASEAN Region

The pool of greatest minds leveraging the entrepreneurial momentum in Johor

Halal is “The Food of the Future”

Johor jockeying for position to be a key player in the global Halal market estimated to be worth 2.3 Trillion The business forum “Invest in Halal Industry Johor” that occurred on the 4th of July...

Chillax Market Integrating EduCity Iskandar Community Now Opens

A place to socialise offering local products and providing entrepreneurial opportunities EduCity Iskandar Malaysia has launched a weekly middle of week market namely Chillax Market in an effort to provide for students and community alike...
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