Monthly Drill – September


Name: Koh Moo Hing

Position: General Manager

Company: Gunung Impian Development Sdn Bhd

The birth of Gunung Impian goes back to 1991 when Kuok Brothers Sdn Bhd entered a joint-venture with Lee Rubber Co (Pte) Ltd, Selat (Pte) Ltd, Lee Foundation and Senja Permai Sdn. Bhd. to undertake the development of 2,953 acres of freehold land into an integrated commercial, residential and light industrial area. Local boy, Koh Moo Hing has been with Gunung Impian since 2016 and has helped steer the township with his experience of being in the property industry for over 27 years.

What sets Taman Impian Emas apart from other developments?
Taman Impian Emas is an integrated township, located in the central of Iskandar Malaysia. It is well accessed by not only major highways (North South Highway, Skudai Highway, EDL, Pasir Gudang Highway), but also the upcoming double track commuter which is in the pipeline by the State and Federal Governments’ development plan. Given its size of 2953 acres of land, the potential and future planning of the overall self-sustainable layout will further enhance Taman Impian Emas to be the state of art’s self-sustainable township in Johor and Johor Bahru in particular.

What type of properties products are available in Taman Impian Emas?
In Taman Impian Emas, we have developed 5,000 units of properties comprising of single storey terrace, double storey terrace, double storey semi-detached houses, bungalows, shop offices and light industrial properties (terraced factories and semi-detached factories).

Impian Emas has 2 big parks for its residents, what other amenities are available?
Impian Emas will capitalise on these 2 big parks (with total land area of approximately 70 acres) as there are plans to introduce a Community Hub in between and connect it to these 2 big parks, transforming the whole area to becoming a first of its kind leisure & recreational Community Hub. Other existing amenities include the Wet market, SRJK(C) Thai Hong, National Primary School, National Secondary School, Southern University College and a 9-Hole Golf Course.

In your experience, what makes a township sellable?
In present day’s context, convenience is the key word I suppose. Therefore, a well-planned gated and guarded security system and good accessibility and self-sustainable township which include the amenities that are needed by its residents are key factors. Most of the house buyers will consider the safety factor and of how convenient is it for one to travel to work and back to home daily or even spending less time to commute even during the weekends. These factors will usually interest home owners to stay within the township due to convenience and safety.

Kindly share some upcoming launches you have in the pipeline
Our next upcoming launches are the New Precinct Iconia Garden Residence, double storey terraces and shopoffices that are located near our proposed Community Hub. The proposed Community Hub is in planning stage and we target to open its doors in 2 years’ time which will provide residents with new amenities and facilities.

How is the property market doing post GE14?
Yet to really experience the great impact but the atmosphere is positive when we communicate with stakeholders. Most of the people we talked to are feeling great on the so-called formation of new Malaysia. Personally I share the same feeling of good sentiments on the property market simply because looking at the population trend, property especially landed housing properties are still in demand if the price tag and location are right.

Do you the think the upcoming Sales and Service Tax (SST) will have an impact on the market?
Based on what we have gathered from the announcement made by the ministers, it shouldn’t have much impact on the market.

What is your take on affordable housing and what are your initiatives in support of it?
The principle of providing affordable housing to the needy group is a noble one indeed and being a responsible corporation, GIDSB will unreservedly support the policy. GIDSB has taken actions to convert all old low cost schemes to new affordable housing scheme, in line with the aspiration of the state government in providing more decent housing to the needy group. Currently the company is in the process of constructing 444 units of Rumah Mampu Milik and it’s scheduled to be completed in 2 years’ time. Meanwhile, we’re planning for more affordable housing units and it will be constructed in accordance to the programme planned under the advised and consultation with the State Government.

What does Koh do when he’s not busy being a property man?
I exercise and read! As everyone knows, exercise will not only make one healthier physically but mentally too. And for me, mental health is far more important than physical health for reasons that I believe; our mind dictates the actions that we take. So a positive mind is of paramount importance. Exercise can divert your mind from being trapped in a specific issue and unlock your mind for receiving new inputs.
Reading can also improve our knowledge in other fields that we are not familiar with. For example, in order to respond or resolve an issue, we can seek knowledge from different sources to enhance our ability to understand the issue first before responding with quality facts and resolving it in the best or better way.

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