Monthly Drill – October


Name: Lindy Tan

Position: Executive Director

Company: BCB Berhad

Holding a Bachelor of Commerce (Economic & Business Law) from University of Melbourne, Australia, Lindy Tan has been the Executive Director of Building Communities and Beyond Berhad (BCB) since 22nd May 2008. BCB is the brainchild of her father and Group Managing Director Dato’ Tan Seng Leong who is no new name in the property sector. The company was listed on the Main Board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange since 3rd December 1996. Lindy is responsible for the sales & marketing at the group level and is often seen as the iron lady who has been propelling the company forward.

Tell us more about Building Communities and Beyond (BCB)’s awards and achievements

BCB Berhad (BCB) has come a long way as a distinctive developer in the southern part of Peninsula Malaysia with most of the development projects concentrated in Johor & the Klang Valley.

Its awards and achievements include winning the Best Luxury High Rise Development 2014 for Concerto – I property, Best Luxury Landed Development for Hometree – I in 2014 and 2015, Best Residential Landed Development 2016 for Hometree – I property, Property Insight Best Family Living Development for Hometree in 2016, Best Southern Development 2016 for The Elysia Park Residence – I property, The Elysia Park Residence also received the Property Insight Best Hi-Rise Development Southern Region in 2016 and Green Champion of Innovative Urban Green Park Award 2016 for Mahkota Park. BCB Berhad also received Property Insight Outstanding Developer Southern Region in 2016 and Star Property Awards Best Commercial Development 2017 for Versis Medini. Your demure appearance is a contrast to the work hat that you wear. How do you manage the perception?

I think generally, as a female in the property industry, we tend to be underestimated. One way to manage this perception is to make sure we know our stuff, go out on site and talk to people. However, I think I’ve had good partners and mentors along the way, which helped a lot.

Tell us more about your projects in Medini

Our Elysia Park Residence is currently in progress and comprises a high-end condominium with a GDV of RM650 million. The development for Phase One has three towers consisting of 981 units. It is encircled by an award-winning 4.8-acres park called Mahkota Park which features the iconic Sultan crown-fountain perched at the top of the hill in the park. This project combines the best of urban living complemented by the green and natural environment.

Next, we have Versis Medini, a ‘Commercial Oasis Fronting’ coastal highway. Versis Medini is situated within the Medini Central Business District (CBD) right next to Singapore. The development entails 3-storey shops, semi-detached shops, bungalow shops and some condominium units located above Phase 2’s 3-storey shops.

Versis Medini is targeting seasoned investors both locally and internationally as we are giving guaranteed rental return (GRR) of 5% per annum for four years. However, selected food and beverage (F&B) and other operators might stand a chance to obtain different packages as they do not require GRR.

What sets BCB apart from other developments?

BCB believes in promoting community interaction and injecting lifestyle elements into its projects. As a builder of public spaces, BCB understands there is a need to return to the old way of community interaction and relationships. That is why we build homes not houses.

As a developer, it is important to conceptualise and develop from a micro to macro perspective. From a micro level, we can affect, dictate and even change certain usage patterns in interior spaces. These spaces are more intimate and personal, which allows for customisations and personalisation.

Something as simple as a switch or power point installed at a convenient or inconvenient height can make a world of difference for the end users. From a micro level, consumption patterns changing to lower consumption would also mean the reduction of utility bills. All BCB’s future projects have a strong emphasis on good layouts, lifestyle and connection with nature.

What is your forecast about Iskandar Malaysia’s property market as a whole?

We believe that long-term players will eventually gain from the growth of Iskandar Malaysia. In this long term period, I believe that Iskandar Malaysia will develop and transform itself into a new economic powerhouse in the region with good growth prospects.

How do you juggle and maintain a work – life balance?

It’s important to have my priorities in order — both work and life. What can’t be compromised or is completely non-negotiable? What are the most-important commitments at work and family? Getting clear on these answers helps me prioritise, make adjustments and decide what I am. It is important to learn to set boundaries so that I can give my heart and soul to both aspects of life. Leave work at work, don’t come home with it.

What does Lindy do when she’s not busy being a property person? 

I am a person who embraces challenges. I know that to advance my personal career goals and the business objectives of my company, I need to continuously push myself outside my comfort zone. Therefore, I love to spend my personal time picking up new skills such as traditional Chinese musical instrument, Chinese calligraphy, Latin dancing, horse riding and even kick boxing. Traveling solo is also in my next-to-do list.