JPDC: Attracting More Investors with Masterplan Revision


Johor Petroleum Development Corp Bhd (JPDC) is finalising the revision of the Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC) masterplan, as part of an effort to attract more investors to the area.

“We now realised the need to improve the infrastructure within PIPC by providing better road, power supply and connectivity as well as other facilities,” said Deputy Chief Executive Izhar Hifnei Ismail, speaking to the media after a buka puasa event

“The purpose of the revision is to revisit the earlier masterplan and enhance it where necessary in order for us to be able to present PIPC as a good investment location for the downstream oil and gas (O&G) industry,” he added.

The original masterplan was developed in 2012 when the project was first started but over the last five years, there have been growing interest on the project.

However, he said there is no change to the objective of the masterplan, which is to turn PIPC into a hub for downstream O&G industry.

“As we started planning, we realised that in order to attract more investors and manufacturers, they would need more and better infrastructures and facilities. For example, they need access to power, so, we need to build that within PIPC, which is not available before because it is formerly oil palm plantations.”

“That is where the revision of the masterplan comes into play. The revision takes into account the need to improve the infrastructure to help investors get their business started and they have the facilities to support their growth,” said Izhar.

Izhar said a total of 25 packages of infrastructure works have been or are being carried out for the period between 2013 and 2019.
“Last year, we completed six packages, and another four packages are expected to be completed this year. We expect by 2020, we will be able to complete everything,” he said.

The PIPC project is getting more significant because the Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) under Petronas is nearing completion. Petronas is scheduled to complete construction by this year and the start-up of the finery is expected to be conducted by the first quarter of 2019. Dialog Group Bhd’s deepwater terminal is progressing well. They are now completing the 2nd phase of the project and would start the 3rd phase soon.

Izhar said other players are also coming into PIPC, like Johor Corp, which is developing the Pengerang Industrial Park which would provide sites for companies in the downstream O&G industry that would complement what Petronas is doing in PIPC.

“Serba Dinamik Holdings Bhd is also collaboration with PIJ Holdings to develop the Pengerang Eco Park which would provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) and training services for PIPC,” he added.
He also said that more exciting developments are expected in the area within the next one or two years’ time, especially for supporting activities surrounding PIPC like tourism activities in Desaru Coast and the rapid development of Bandar Penawar.