Her Dream Awards: Recognising Powerful Women

Her Dream Awards’ winners taking a commemorative photo together on stage

A campaign by Eve Media Group, MICCI and Johore Kwang Tung Association to move the world with women empowerment and their contributions to this society

Eve Media Group, together with MICCI (Malaysia International Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and the Johore Kwang Tung Association are changing the way the region thinks of women and their role with their very own ‘Her Dream Awards’ to recognise women who have contributed and promoted social and economic development.

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Initiated by Pauline Tang and planned by Stanley, ‘Her Dream Awards’ are divided into eight (8) categories, namely Economic Development, Community & Charity, Creative & Cultural, Social Responsibility, Outstanding Artist, Elite Leaders, Personal Development, and Woman Political Leaders.

Christina Tee, MICCI Vice President and Her Dream Awards consultant relaying her speech

According to Stanley, the nominees for ‘Her Dream Awards’ includes successful entrepreneurs or members of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), to balance the business and community figures coming from both the private and public sectors.

The aim of this campaign is to acknowledge women who have contributed to the society and who will become role models for other women in future generations to come and to empower women to creating the life that she desires.

Social Responsibility Category winner, Magaletchumy A/P Ravichendaram receiving her award

In addition, the award’s consultant, Christina Tee, Cape’s CEO, Christee’s Chairman, Helixuan’s Chairman, and MICCI’s Vice President says, “Women have been strong and forward since generations ago, the only difference is the age and generations”.

The judging panels were Director of Seven Oaks Bakery Café, Dato’ Sri Jenny Cheng, the Chairman of Johore Kwang Tung Association, Simon Lim, the Founder of International Business Alliance, K.K. Hong and Dr. Lim Poh Ju, who holds a Ph.D in Education(U.K.), M.Ed.(U.K.), B.S.(U.K.).

VVIP cutting ribbons upon the award ceremony launch

Each of them evaluated the deserving recipients on entrepreneurship, public welfare and community, community and charity, and education respectively.

20 individuals were awarded for different categories and the winners could be found at Her Dream Awards’ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/herdreamawards/