Awaken and Bring Out the Leadership in You

GBS Iskandar Leadership Summit speakers and participants group photo

Become the better version for self and the world

All of us has the capability to lead and it is up to us to summon the leaders within us to be prominent, hidden or just anyhow we like it to be in our personality. But how does one maneuver it?

That is how Twimbit came forward and partnered with GBS Iskandar and Together We Can Change The World (TWCCTW) to bring out GBS Iskandar Leadership Summit at Medini 6 with all its proceeds donated to JEWEL (Johor Women’s League), a non-governmental, non-profit society of women volunteers, dedicated to advancing the status of women and children in Johor.

Jana Stanfield, serenading and making audience sing-a-long to her jingle

Hosted by Twimbit’s founder, Manoj Menon, the summit was greeted with Jana Stanfield’s music about coming together and changing the world. Her message was clear to let the audience be reminded to give back to the unfortunate children and help girls to be empowered and become awesome women.

Rebecca Morgan shares the important bits of leadership from Silicon Valley

Among the speakers that presented during the summit and their subject of interests were Rebecca Morgan; Leadership Development Implementation Expert, Leadership Lessons from Silicon Valley, Kim Underhill; New Age Leadership, George Walther; Power Talking CSP, Zulfiqar Zainuddin; Economic Development in the Disruptive Era, Carolyn Hart, Resiliency: Contribute and Serve with Clarity, Focus, and Grace, Raju Mandhyan; The Subtleties of Authentic Influence and Scott Friedman; The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it.

Past President of JEWEL, Thanam Visvanathan-Suresh briefed about the organisation’s effort in her speech

The summit shared a lot about courage, getting to know yourself to realise the power in you and how to straighten up your goals with guidance from the different backgrounds of people and points of views.