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Basic Personal Financial Planning

Setting up an Emergency Fund (cashflow planning) This is a very important step before going on for other personal financial goals. According to BNM’s recent...

COVID19 in Malaysia: Pandemic Impacts on the Poor

The raft of measures announced by the Malaysian government to restrict people’s movements will help to stem the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The measures, however, are having a huge impact on the country’s poor

Corporate Liability under Section 17A of MACC Act: Are You Prepared for It?

The Government has been relentless in its pursuit to eradicate corruption, especially since May 2018. Several high-profile cases, including those linked to the infamous 1MDB...

Will Mankind Ever Learn

The twin sparrows living in the air-conditioning compressors of my porch never had it so good. Each time we opened our doors to leave for...

Financial “Mismanagement” in Stratified Development

Stratified developments are managed primarily through contribution to common fund by purchasers or parcel owners. It is important to understand that the Maintenance and...

Getting to Know the Noble Volute

Noble volutes (Cymbiola nobilis, known locally as kilah) are striking snails with loud geometric patterns.

Making a Sacrifice for the Family

On the 17th of March after having supper with my wife and daughter, I came back home to a shocking announcement made by the...

State Government Announces Relief

The state government announced several initiatives to help minimise the economic impact of the Movement Control Order (MCO)


Lessons Learned from the Black Swan Event – Part 2

Malaysian Culture Starts from Schools

In the spirit of patriotism and living harmoniously, SMK Dato’ Jaafar Johor Bahru (SDJ) had organised several multi-cultural events for all the students to...
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