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Feeling tropical with Juice Mania’s Tropical?

Ever thought of quenching your thirst and stay healthy at the same time during the scorching hot weather? Get cold-pressed juices and you don’t have to worry about sugar levels and preservative contents but taste only the fresh pulpy rich juice.

In this issue, The Iskandarian ventured to some local homemade cold-pressed juice brands around JB and found several for your taste buds namely Juice Mania, Friends & Fig, and Hey! Juice by Ink N’ Water.

Juice Mania currently offers five flavours of cold-pressed juices namely ‘Dazzling’, ‘Breeze’, and ‘Elegant’ alongside their best-selling, ‘Meadow’ and ‘Tropical’ which are priced at RM13.50 per bottle. We recommend drinking ‘Tropical’ for a refreshing and sweet-n-sour experience that comes from the pineapple-based texture mixed with watermelon, lemon, and chia seeds.

Feeling lazy to head down the stores? Fret not because Juice Mania offers a delivery option and you can get discounts for the 5 different flavours per week at a price of RM60, delivered to your door step.

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Sweet chilled ‘Wanderlust’ Hey! Juice by Ink N Water with a mix of apple, tomato, and carrot

If you are on café hopping in town, head to the steampunk ambience of Ink N Water Cafe at Taman Pelangi for a wide selection of dishes, and team up with Hey! Juice, that comes in four different flavours priced at RM14.90 per bottle.

Keep in mind that Hey! Juice range is apple-based, therefore, expect a bit of sourly feel at the end of the taste. If you want something sweet, go for their chilled ‘Wanderlust’ flavour which is a mixture of apple, tomato, and carrot.

As for the health conscious group, we have one special juice brand specifically for detoxification and diet plan package by Friends & Fig at Jalan Lumba Kuda.  Its juices come in either vegetable or fruit based, and is designed by UK Complementary Medical Association qualified Natural Juice Therapist and comprises of eight different products to serve you therapeutic health benefits.

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Malibu Passion for a sourly and rich fibre drink by Friends & Fig

There are options for customers who are diagnosed with health problems such as diabetes or constipation where consultation will be given before consuming the right flavours. We recommend ‘Malibu Passion’ which has the right amount of fibre. Each bottled juice is priced RM15 or try out their 3-Day Juice Fast & Detox Diet Plan at RM111 per day.

Bear in mind that most cold-pressed juices range between RM13 and RM15 for 300ml as the juice extraction process produces high nutrient retention and mouthful of fibre as well as large amount of fruits that are required. Therefore, you get a total jarful of juice with no sugar, no preservative, and no water added!

As cold-pressed juices gain back their popularity in our local scene since its introduction in 2013; people have more options for health products in the market to stay healthy or go funky with their unique bottle shapes for your Instagram moments.

Drop a visit or place your juice orders via:

Juice Mania
+6012 7900258

Hey! Juice
Ink N Water
48, Jalan Pingai,
Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

Friends & Fig
154, Jalan Lumba Kuda,
Bukit Chagar,
Johor Bahru

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