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So What’s Next After the USA Elections?

The people of the United States have chosen Donald Trump as their next president. Trump, a real estate business tycoon, has emerged as the winner over Hillary Clinton, to be the 45th president of the world’s strongest nation.

Demi Johor’s Triple Treat Festival

As we fast approach the end of this year, I wish to write about the various events and developments which will make the year a celebrated one for Iskandar Malaysia investors. By December 2016, the United States of America would have chosen its new president. As with past presidential elections in America, the few months after will be calm and holiday-spirited.  Although we have a much more contentious election than

Sentiment Hits New Low for Iskandarian Properties

At the time of writing this article, a well known property analyst in Singapore had just released a singularly negative verdict on property investment in Malaysia. It was shared virally on social media and also featured by mainstream newspapers in Singapore. The seasoned analyst opined that given the highly uncertain economic outlook of the immediate future, even with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to build the High Speed

ACCUMULATING WEALTH Investing is like Running a Marathon

Brexit is the abbreviation of “British Exit”, the referendum in Britain to discontinue membership in the European Union (EU). On 23rd June 2016, the British voted with a majority to leave the EU. The outcome of which prompted exuberant celebrations for the Leave camp who are Eurosceptics (those who do not believe that membership has brought about positive impact in their lives). However, after the results were announced, to the

The Lure of Iskandar Malaysia Property Investment Continues

There has been many property related news and rules reported this month around the world. First, in Singapore, property purchases picked up over 45% in the month of May. Although rental yields continue to remain stagnant, new home owners are going back into the market. Developers have responded to the dead beat market with brave discounts.  The government has also relaxed car loans’ rules that spur the slowing motorcar market.

The Perils of Medini's Phantom Rental Market 1

Since the beginning of the year, there were more completion and handover of condominiums in Medini and Puteri Harbour.  I have received some emails from Medini owners anxious of what to do next. They bought these houses as “investments” and there are now no returns in their foreseeable future. Yes, Medini condo owners are facing the worst tough market. The market is thin. The locals are not here and neither

ACCUMULATING WEALTH Investing is like Running a Marathon

Lately, there are plenty of negative news from declining growth numbers in many countries (especially China and Singapore) to declining investments, impaired currency exchange rates, lower commodity prices and increasing job losses. The Star newspaper recently reported that Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd scrapped a giant elastomers project worth US$1.3bil as part of the Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID) project in Johor. Moreover, although the Ringgit has regained some strength

Forest City - Another Success for Iskandar Malaysia

As you drive into Iskandar Puteri via the Tuas Second Link, visitors from Singapore will see big road signs in white letters with brown background pointing to a new destination called Forest City. This mega project was officially launched in March 2016 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Sultan of Johor and Menteri Besar of Johor in a grand ceremony reported widely in regional media. Forest City, set to be

Medini the next Business Destination of South East Asia

Medini Iskandar organised a press tour early February 2016 for journalists around the country to revisit the progress of Medini in Iskandar Puteri. We visited various commercial and residential projects under construction as well as completed ones such as the Gleneagles Medini and Pinewood Studios. I’m familiar with the idea of Medini as an international business district and the various planned amenities around it. I now write a refreshed analysis

Learn to Invest by Learning to Sing a Song

Let me start by reliving the famed lyrical song popularised by Elaine Page in the hit musical, CHESS: “Nothing is so good it lasts eternally, Perfect situations must go wrong, But this has never yet prevented me, Wanting far too much…” You can and must find inspiration and confidence in investment by loving music or other emotive art forms because you can essentially apply the same sentiment in financial investment